Resident Notice

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Dear UrbanOne Residents,

As you know, our area has seen unprecedented severe winter weather and as the temperature starts to rise above 32 degrees over the next several days we anticipate new incidents arising.

The Houston area has also begun experiencing bursting pipes causing more damage to everyone who remains without power. While we are doing our best to handle the emergencies, we are also incurring limitations. We have limited ability to get supplies, plumbers and other contractors are working to help as many people and communities as possible but are not necessarily available to respond immediately based on demand and weather conditions.


Our employees are also doing the best they can to take care of our properties and residents but they are also dealing with the same concerns at their own homes in addition to travel difficulties when attempting to get to the properties.  So we greatly appreciate your patience.


For information about your apartment or what to do if you have a pipe break or other emergency, please see the common resident questions below.

Though it has been quite a difficult week with a few more days of cold weather ahead, we hope you are finding ways to stay warm!  Please join us in helping others by checking on your neighbors. We are all in this together and may be able to assist to those who need it.


Please know our residents are our # 1 priority and our team is working extra hard and as quickly as possible to respond to all calls.  


 We hope all of you stay safe!  We will all get through this together...Houston always does!! 

If you need to contact management, please email us at or by calling our offices at 832-974-0009.  Emergency Maintenance Line is listed below. 

We have had intermittent issues with our phone lines - so leave a message or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  


Kyle Webb - Property Manager






My apartment does not have electricity or water, how long will it be out?


If you are currently without power or water, our team unfortunately does not have information regarding service restoration times.  If power is restored, it is likely that rolling power outages will continue. With continued power outages please be reminded Fire based devices are prohibited from being used on balconies or within 10 feet of any buildings.  Generators, camp stoves, or charcoal grills should always be used outside at least 10 feet from the building.  Houston Fire Department is inundated with calls and severe delays in response time. 

Please visit CenterPoint or City of Houston Website for more information.  


Be sure your phone number is updated on your resident portal to be updated with property text messages regarding services.   

I have water, but very low water pressure.


Houston’s water and wastewater systems are experiencing low pressure. The city water distribution centers cannot meet the demands for outgoing water. To help maintain water pressure in the system during this winter weather event, please use water only for essential tasks and help conserve water by not running washing machines, dishwashers and conserve bath water by taking quick showers.


When water service restores and they city states services are back to normal, water may be brown or rusty.  Run hot & cold water for a couple minutes and this should clear up.  

Is the water safe to drink?


A boil water notice is in effect for the entire City of Houston until further notice. The city is notifying all residents to boil water prior to consumption.


Read Houston Public Works' full news release:

If I have no heat, is this considered an emergency?


While we do not want anyone to be without heat, current circumstances may prevent our team from repairing your heat as fast as we normally would. 

  • Many supply stores are still closed or without power, contractors are delayed and demand is very high. These issues and others may prevents us from having the supplies and resourses on hand to make certain repairs. 

If you have power and are experiencing a lack of heat.  Please submit an emergency maintenance request by text message with your address and unit number.  


We will do our best to respond as soon as possible and get your heat back to normal.  

My toilet will not flush.


This is a city wide issue as well.  Low water pressure or no water will not allow your toilet tank to fill properly in order to flush.  If you have a supply of water, you can manually fill the tank to the water line to flush.  Try to conserve water and reduce the number of flushes you need.  

If your property has a pool - we are giving residents permission to use water from the pool to flush toilets.  *Do not use this as drinking water.  

I notice a small leak in my apartment or hear dripping.

If you have a small leak and it is containable, please use what ever mean possible (towels/bowls/pans) to contain the leak until maintenance is able to address the issue.  Submit a maintenance request providing pictures if possible.  We will address the issues as soon as possible. 


I noticed a LARGE leak or pipe burst in my apartment or outside.

If you experience or notice a  LARGE water leak (This means you can not contain the leak or there is danger of major damage to property).  Please call the emergency line immediately and we will contact you with instructions and get someone to the location as soon as possible. If  you see a water line valve near by or have a valve outside your door, try shutting off the valve to stop the leak.